7 Tips to Making Scrumptious Grilled Chicken


Grilled ChickenGrilled chicken is a wonderful, healthy addition to almost any meal. When chicken is grilled right, it’s moist, tender, flavorful, and juicy. However, when chicken is grilled wrong, it can end up dry, tough and tasteless. In order to make sure your grilled chicken ends up scrumptious, make sure you follow these 7 easy tips.

Tip #1: Pick the Right Chicken

For the absolute best grilled chicken, pick bone-in and skin-on chicken. These pieces are the best for flavor and juiciness.

Tip #2: Keep the Small

One common problem with grilled chicken is that it cooks unevenly.To help all your pieces cook quickly and evenly, cut them into smaller pieces.

Tip #3: Warm It Up

Another way to help your chicken cook quickly and evenly it to make sure that it’s at room temperature before you put it on the grill. If you take it straight out of the refrigerator, the cold temperature will wreck havoc on the way the chicken cooks. Let your chicken sit outside the fridge for 45 minutes before putting it on the grill.

Tip #4: Give it a Good Rub Down

Rubbing your chicken with spices is a perfect way to pack it with flavor. Simply rub your spices onto the chicken before placing it on the grill. To keep your chicken moist, mix those spices with a little oil before applying.

Tip #5: Experiment with Marinade

Marinating your chicken for at least 30 minutes is a great way to infuse an intense amount of flavor into the meat while ensuring that it stays juicy while cooking. Citrus is one of the best ingredients to add into a marinade but your can experiment with all sorts of recipes

Tip #6: Baste it Up

Basting is great to add flavor to any part of the chicken, but particularly the wings. You can baste your chicken throughout the cooking process unless your sauce is sugar based. The sugar can quickly over caramelize and burn, so it’s best to only baste during the last 5 minutes.

Tip #7 Let it Rest

Like all meat, chicken needs a little time to settle in-between taking it off the grill and landing on your plate. By giving it this rest time, you will help lock the juices into the bird. All you need is 5-10 minutes, but it makes all the difference.

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