Create a Romantic Valentine’s Day BBQ


Close up of vegetables and chicken shish kabobValentine’s Day has the potential of being one of the most romantic days of the year. For many, part of the day includes small gifts, such as flowers or chocolates, and going out for a romantic dinner.  If you are looking for a way to make your Valentine’s celebration unique this year, consider barbecuing for the one you love.  Whether you’re showing off your BBQ skills or dedicating a meal to the BBQ lover in your life, a tasty, barbecue meal is a great way to show that special someone you care.

When going a barbecue route, the most important thing is to create the right ambiance.  When people think of barbecue, they often think of picnic tables outside, paper plates, and red jumbo cups.  But just because you’re choosing to cook your meat on the grill, doesn’t mean you can’t create a romantic atmosphere. 

Take your cues from the finest restaurants and cover your table with a beautiful tablecloth, your good china and silverware, and cloth napkins.  Flowers can make a beautiful, aromatic centerpiece in the middle of your table, and don’t forget to finish it off with flickering candles and dimmed lights.

Once you have created the right environment, you want to make the night special with the perfect grilled meal.  While chicken or hamburgers may be your go to meats for the grill on ordinary days, take this holiday as a chance to increase your grilling repertoire and surprise your special someone.  Great choices for a Valentine’s Day dinner include steak (you can even try it with a balsamic glaze to give it a little Valentine’s day inspired color), lobster tails, or even lamb.  You can make your entire menu grilled-themed, adding on some vegetables or fruit, such as pineapple.

One great way to make your barbecue Valentine’s Day dinner extra special is to take the heat of the grill and turn it into the theme for the night. You can heat it up by making red the dominant color of your décor, inviting your partner to work with you at the grill, and by adding a little heat and spice to your meal (just be careful not to overdo it!). Let the heat of the grill – and the night – turn this Valentine’s Day into an evening you’ll never forget.


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