Family Gathering? Give Everyone a Break


Family GatheringA party isn’t a party without food, and we mean good food. Mingling and munching just go together. But the work involved to plan, assign, and prepare, can be overwhelming. So we’ve got the solution.

Who Needs the Stress?

Think how long it takes to divvy out food assignments and call everyone to remind them. Think of the time each family member spends cooking before the party. The biggest tardy response is that someone had to wait for their dish to finish. Plus, don’t you think Aunt Bonnie is tired of making her same casserole every time the family gets together? Give the woman a break.

Arrive on Time, Leave on Time

The party is scheduled for 5:00-7:00. But someone has to arrive early to set up for dinner. Then once the party is over it’s cleanup time. Everyone is tired and nobody wants to stay an extra half hour. Forget all that! We do it for you. All we ask is that you come with a full appetite.

More Bang for Your Buck

Initially, you might think that hiring catering services will cost a fortune. But once you add up the time spent preparing dishes plus the cost of ingredients, it’s not that big of a gap. And if you’re going to spend money anyway you might as well get the most value for your dollar. The Company Grill guarantees a mouth-watering meal every time. Plus, let those youngsters munch away. Kids under 5 eat for free!

Brownies for Everyone!

What happens when someone forgets to bring food or they don’t bring enough? The result – grumpy people. There’s always the one best cook whose chocolate brownies are to die for, and when you go to get one, they are gone. Now you’re left eating dry rice krispie treats for dessert. With the Company Grill, there’s enough of the best stuff for everyone.

More Time to Visit

Family time is just that…family time. Coming together to catch up, hug, and hold babies shouldn’t be interrupted by playing event planner. Nobody wants to be left out because they’re too busy making everyone else happy. Go focus on your family while we handle the food. After all, a delicious hamburger may only last five minutes, but memories last forever.


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