Smokin’ And Frying A Whole Pork Tenderloin The Right Way


To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question – a regular question in our house.  Hub will smoke ANYTHING.  I’m a little more reserved with our smokers.  Hamburgers and pork are a definite yes, but my instinct is to hesitate a little more when it comes to things like mac & cheese.  (That may or may not have been hypothetical.)

So, what do you do with your pork chops?  Grandma fried them, Momma fried them, so naturally I’ve always done a quick flour dredge and into the oil they go.  But let me tell you a little secret to our happy marriage… compromise, collaborate, respect and INVENT!

Pork chops on the menu and Hub wanted to add smoke to the mix.  My defenses came up – don’t take away my fryer!  No, he said, let’s do both!  Wait, what?  Smoke and fry?  So he said he’s got dinner and here’s the real test… trust him.  I did.

First, a quick cover of the anatomy of a pork loin.  Loin is the big oblong 8-9 pound hunk of meat that comes from the top side of the hog.  The center of the loin is what we use for nice 1” slices of chops.  Use the end pieces for roasts or country style ribs!


So for our chops, we took the loin, threw on a quick rub and into the smoke it went.  It smoked a couple hours (internal temp = 140).  After smoking, we gloved up and started slicing our chops.  We cut off 6-8 inches of both ends of the loin, wrapped those pieces up and put them right back into the smoker (to be used another happy meal).  There should be a nice pink ring just inside the bark.  That’s the magic.  One inch chops are the status quo.  Compromise accomplished, next collaborate.

Hub wanted to shake things up a bit, so he suggested… Cheese crackers!  Again, what?  He held the reins on this meal, so here’s what we did; dredge in buttermilk, flour, buttermilk again, then crushed cheese crackers.  Stay with me, folks.

Finally, my fryer.  He respected my roots.  At this point, the chops are pretty much cooked, so they dipped for only a couple minutes – ‘til the crust really firmed up.  And there you have it.

When he walked me through this process I was a complete skeptic.  But I have no qualms admitting THIS IS THE BEST PORK CHOP (or three) I HAVE EVER EATEN!  Finalized with our house BBQ sauce it was absolute heaven.  The smoke as always compliments the pork, but the savory/saltiness of the cheese crackers crusted with the hot oil and the zang of the BBQ were perfectly matched.

Compromise, collaborate, respect and invent.  It’s worked for us for nearly fourteen years.  Failures will come, and they have.  But this was not one!  Enjoy!


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