Throwing a Rockin’ Prom Dinner


Chalkboard with "Prom Night" written on it.Prom can be a magical night for any high school student.  The opportunity to get all dressed up and dance the night away with friends or with that special someone can create memories that will be cherished their whole lives long.  While traditional prom outings involve the tux-clad boy picking up the gown-clad girl, exchanging corsages and boutonnieres, taking a round of photos, and whisking off to dinner before heading to the dance, many modern day high school students (and their parents) are looking for different ways to make the night one to remember.  One of the most popular ideas includes throwing a pre-prom dinner.

A pre-prom party usually includes a group of friends (and their dates) gathering at a home for pictures and dinner before heading to the main event.  By hosting it at a house, the students can have more control over the food, the atmosphere and the cost, while parents have the added security of knowing where the students are for part of the night.  In order for the pre-prom party to be successful, there are three things to keep in mind. 

1. Attendance Rules

This goes not only for which friends will be invited, but how much (if any) interaction the parents can have with the party.  Pre-prom parties held at a house does not give parents an open invitation to be an active part of the festivities.  For most successful pre-prom parties, parents are invited to the photo taking part of the evening and then tactfully excuse themselves.

2. Location

Location includes both at which house the pre-prom party will be held, as well as the location inside (or outside) the house.  With prom happening in a warmer part of the year, many successful pre-prom parties are held in the backyard, on a deck, in a gazebo, or underneath strings of white lights. Make sure the location is cleaned, pruned, and cleared in anticipation of all the guests.  You also want to make sure you have an ideal backdrop set up (whether natural or man-made) for the photos.

3. Food and Beverage

To help ease the stress of the planning, and minimize the level of parental involvement, one great way to have a successful pre-prom party is to have it catered by a local company or restaurant.  A catered meal will add to the sophistication of the event while reducing the workload of the parents in charge.  You can really increase the atmosphere of the night by complementing the food tables with a “mocktail” bar, where students can get tropical, fruity, non-alcoholic drinks.

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