Weddings & Parties

Make Every Guest Happy

Catering for a Utah wedding

Barbequing is not just for tailgate parties! Company Grill offers a mix of entrees that include hot dogs, USDA choice steaks, and fresh Atlantic salmon. When you couple this with freshly baked breads and other gourmet level sides, there’s bound to be something that every guest at your party will like. We know you want your guests to be happy, and we want them to be happy too! Let us tailor your menu in a way that gives everyone a meal they will love.

A Meal to Match the Mood

At Company Grill, we understand that there’s a difference in the atmosphere you’re trying to create between an upscale winter wedding and a 4th of July bash. Our wide variety of menu items allows you to choose the type of meal you want us to serve, from a sit-down steak dinner to a casual picnic in the park. We can go over the menu with you, and help you to choose the perfect meal to compliment your occasion.

Our Main Focus is You

Company Grill is unique in that our only focus is catering. We don’t have a restaurant on the side that we’re worried about running every night of the week. Our catering staff are trained specifically to handle your event, not servers pulled off the restaurant floor an hour before your wedding. In the days leading up to your event, we won’t be working at the restaurant, we’ll be planning the perfect meal, just for you! This extra attention adds a higher level of service, and a higher quality meal, without a higher price.

Helping You Make Memories

High-quality barbeque is a meal that every single guest at your wedding or party will enjoy, and you’ll be relieved when you see that we’ve handled every aspect of that meal. You won’t have to lift a finger, so you can relax and enjoy your guests. We’re so committed to making your night a success, we’ve excluded gratuity charges from our bill. What you’re quoted is what you’ll pay, every time. Give us a call so we can start working on your custom menu!