Corporate Events

No matter what type of corporate event you’re planning, Company Grill can help you to put your best foot forward. From impressive client meetings, to weekly marketing strategizing, to the annual holiday party, we’ll make every one of your corporate events one that no one wants to miss.

Show Your Appreciation

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and great catering is the way to show those you work with how much you appreciate their loyalty and their effort. Pizza and chips will tide them over until dinner time, but hot grilled entrees, freshly baked sides, and delicious desserts will send a whole other message. Catering from Company Grill will show your clients that you care and your employees that they’re doing a good job.

Meetings Made Easy

You’ve got a lot on your plate when preparing for your corporate event, so let us handle some of it for you. When it comes to providing the food, Company Grill will take care of everything, from set-up, to clean-up, and right down to providing utensils, you won’t have to give it a second thought. You can arrive at your party, and just sit back and enjoy your meal.

Hassle-Free Professionalism

Whether you’re hosting a quick working lunch or a full blown company golf tournament, Company Grill will add to the experience by providing high quality, fresh food in an easy, hassle-free manner. The wide variety of menu options ensure that everyone will find something they like. Our top-notch, professional staff will grill the meat onsite, serve in a quiet, unobtrusive way, and clean up without leaving a trace of evidence behind. From start to finish, you’ll be glad you chose Company Grill to help you represent your company at your corporate event.